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Have you all seen the photo in MM with the flyer? over there is the website mentioned where finally a wiki schould be placed as i read the domain name well; when will this be online and is this the place where the long wanted wiki can be found?



    Its redirecting to
  • The apps and the supported devices are not the same. Especially when you consider the z-wave and IR devices.
  • It's a parked domain name and redirected to For future use...
  • Yes it is redirected. The point is that this address is already on a flyer and average customers will check the site and will have a wrong conclusion. No issues on my side just a thought.
  • What customers? You can't buy it yet...
    Why is everybody here acting like the stores are already filled with Homeys... 
  • honeyhoney Member
    edited February 2016
    Hey fire, please be nice. No one said here anything about retail sale. It is about a leaflet with consumers can came across as this leaflet is already in the retail store. It does not matter where they buy it or order it. As I said "No issues on my side just a thought." A thought about that most people have no idea what is Z-wave but if they can see Fibaro, Danfoss, doorlocks, etc devices than they can understand what a wide range of products compatible with Homey. Could also mention IFTTT devices.
    Surely athom has a plan to make an extended list of compatible devices, just the thing that the leaflet is out there now and athom might loose potential customers if they make a wrong conclusion.
    Nothing critical just a constructive feedback.
  • @honey, where am I not nice? Don't take it personally, my remark was directed at you, it was just in general.
    Have you read the topic about the delivery date?  Everybody seems to be going nuts because of that display at MM.
    Some users (not directed at you, don't know or care who it is) are just downright acting as assholes here lately!

    Sorry, I tried not to get myself involved in the delivery-topic, and now I did it anyway.  I'll shut up now  ;)
  • honeyhoney Member
    edited February 2016
    Ok, none taken. :smile: No one complained here about MM. The delivery topic, that is heated what I can understand when there is long radio silence or misleading communication. The MM thing is literally their business.
    I will avoid the delivery topic till the geek batch is despatched.
  • Oups, just noticed I forgot a word in my sentence.  My remark was NOT directed at you :smiley: 

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