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Homey & Qmote

Hi all,
i've backed, a year ago, also for Qmote, and yesterday i recieved it.
So the question, could Qmote/Homey be connected to Homey/Qmote, could they talk, instead my smartphone?
Qmote "talk" via bluetooth and need an app and a BT on the target user's smartphone.
Fot who doesn't know what Qmote is:
and the KS:


  • jordenjorden Member
    edited January 2016
    Homey speaks Bluetooth. So it would/could/should be possible to do that. But this probably will be a 'community' app.

    You know, you can also use any remote control on Homey via IR. They've already shown a video of that in the past. So this Qmote is possibly no longer needed (although Bluetooth might also work through a wall, where IR doesn't)
  • maybe i didn't explain well the point.
    qmote could be an amazing remote for homey, not always you could use IVR (loud volume, "long distance" to recognize voice but still in bluetooth range).
    qmote could trigger homey to active a scenario.
    To do that, homey need an IFTTT channel and homey-app to be associated and create flow.. or maybe there is a way to do that more simple
  • jordenjorden Member
    edited January 2016
    Homey has IFTTT support (

    Homey also has a smartphone app that you can talk into or select flows using touch. So that might work easy as well. But ofcourse it is also possible to use the Qmote directly to activate a flow on Homey once someone builds a Homey app for it. Or just use the IFTTT app.

    By the way, I said IVR but meant IR (Infrared) ... my apologies :)
  • ah ok, no matters for IVR/IR mistake :)
    IFTTT channel for homey still not exist, it has to published yet, right?
  • I am guessing that it is a matter of time before Homey is on IFTTT as a channel. But perhaps someone else knows more about this!
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