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Cannot remove zigbee devices which have lost connection

ShiftyShifty Unconfirmed, Member
I have a problem with a Neo Coolcam touchswitch.
I have a device which is losing connection quite regularly.
I can reconnect by re-pairing it to the homey, but I cannot remove the old lost switch from the homey.
Not in the Homey smartphone app, getting error: Something went wrong, please try again.(Missing required parameter: DriverID)
And not in the Homey Desktop, I would have to touch the switch 3 times, but this is not possible, as it is no longer paired. After +/- 30 sec I get the error: "vdevice.drivers.zwavebasic.pair.response_timeout" and it is not removed.

Can somebody please help me?
I've created a room called "Deleted" to move all the lost-connection switches to, but it already has 6 devices in there :(


  • WillemWillem Member
    edited August 2018
    Did you try removing the device in your settings screen?

  • Neo cool touchswitch is Zwave me guess?
    This is a known issue and Athom is working on a fix. Several topics on the forums, several messages on Slack and several issues on GitHub. This topic is closed. If u have any problems with that u can contact @Bram or send an email to .
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