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Fals alarms due to pirs


I have a lot of pirs, mostly coolcam's, some fibaro's. They all give some fals movements sooner or later, even at times like 0300 where there is no sun, movement or whatever.

Since i'm also using them for alarm purposes this gives quite some false alarms (twice a month?) wich are stressing and frustrating. I already reduced the sensitivity to the lowest setting.

How are your experiences with other brands? Is there a brand know to NOT give any falses? Did you run into something similar and found a fix?   


  • mruitermruiter Member
    edited August 2018
    I have 12 NEO's in one house and 8 in the other. I cant see i ever get false alarms .
    Als have a lot of homeys with neo and Xiaomi at friend places with Heimdall as alarm. 
    I dont get false alarm reports from them.

    But there are more reporting it on z-wave on al kind of brands . Athom is looking into it.

    What does the z-wave info in the developer pages tell you about youre z-wave network.. Hows the mesh doing and did you do a heal on the nodes with a lot of errors
  • i have around 6 neo's and they all have given false alarms over time. I installed the same system in a friends house with the same results. Range should't be a issue (i think, when not used as alarm they switch the light wich works 10/10) and there are none high number of errors. I also use Heimdall since its a great app. 
  • viixviix Member
    edited August 2018
    That’s odd. I’m using 4 Neo’s, 6 aqara pir 2 hue motion sensors and non has given false alarms.
    one that kept getting triggered was a balcony (aqara) which I discovered to be caused by the curtains and plants moving in the wind.

    What I did to overcome that was to have 2 sensors facing one another (one place away from the curtain and plants and on the direct opposite so they face each other)

    I then use virtual device to set a virtual motion sensor that’s triggered when both are active (since a human has to go past the zone between both sensor to get into my house) and it has been great.
  • Hello all,

    i only have 3 pir's so far. 2 Fibaros and 1 Neo. Neo has never given any faults and has the biggest distance from homey. The Fibaro i have set ooff in heimdall as they give faulty alarms to often. They are very close to homey. Distance with Fibaro modules that have battery are giving distance issue's.
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