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Can I use the Ring Chime without the complete doorbell package?

picaropicaro Unconfirmed, Member
I need to connect a chime to my system. I saw that Ring is supported, but I don't need the complete doorbell package (I don't like the monthly/yearly fee for the video storage). At the local shop (BCC) it's possible to purchase a Ring Chime as a separate item (€35).
Is it possible to add this device to Homey and use it in flows?


  • No. The chime gets triggerd by the doorbell. Homey doesnt do it / cant do it for you.
    So no chime without the doorbell package
  • picaropicaro Unconfirmed, Member
    Is there another chime or bell/buzzer that I can use?
    I have a Aeotec Siren, but that one is too loud (the dog get's crazy).
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