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Allow Homey to talk to Myfox alarm system

vandewaeterevandewaetere Member
edited January 2016 in Archive
It would be great if Homey could talk to my Myfox HC2 system. 
I'll probably be moving my 433 MHz light switches over to homey, but I'd like to keep the Myfox system as a seperate alarm system (battery backed up and everything). Maybe it could also read sensor data from the alarm modules (that do temperature sensing too) and interface with the security cam. May end up writing something myself (or connecting myfox through ifttt).
They have a nicely documented API. Info on:
Anyone else intrested in this? e.g. Right now my hue lights turn red (via ifttt) when there's an intruder, it would be great if Homey screams intruder alert! at the same time.


  • Also a MyFox HC2 user, with IR-detection, Temp and brightness measurements and a lot of Di-O/KAKU switches and IR-detectors.
    Would be great if it all could interact.

    MyFox HC2 can only handle 32 Di-O/KAKU switches and that is not enough for me. In addition, the scenarios are limited in quantity (and somewhat in possibilities)

    I tried HomeWizard, but had to send it back. Very bad reception/communication.

    Homey could be the solution for (almost ;-) all my problems.

    I think that a lot more MyFox users (in France and England) would be interested.

    Already a big Thanks !!

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