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[KAKU] doorbel not working anymore since last update

B3rtB3rt Member

Since the last update of 2 days ago my KAKU doorbels  (acd-7000c) don't work anymore.

Also when triggered in a flow this flow keeps repeating itself indefinitely until the flow is disabled.

When i trigger the flow manually the doorbel does NOT sound, also use simple log to write a log entry when the flow is triggered, this keeps writing each 30 seconds that the bell is rang (but you hear nothing).
Also i have a send snapshot of the camera who is at the door when the doorbel is pushed.
Here i also keep receiving every 30 seconds a screenshot....

The problem has been occuring since the last app update of klikaanklikuit

Does anyone has the same problem with this doorbel since the last update.

Where can i report this bug?


  • Several topics, several github issues, several slack posts. Solution is the newest beta version. Gonna close this.
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