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phone is not showing in Phone list for creating flows

NoClaimNoClaim Member
edited August 8 in Archive
I have recently re-installed my Android Samsung S8 phone and I also re-installed the Homey app.
Now the phone was shown twice in the phone list, so I removed both. I again re-installed the Homey android app and the phone was only shown once in the list (https://my.athom.com/#/phones).

Strange thing is that the phone is not present in the phone list when creating flows. How can I resolve? I have cleared browser cache, changed passwords (don't know why... but I just did, because I can  :p ) but the phone still is not present.

Please help 


  • BramBram Administrator, Athom
    Did you already try to log out and in again on the desktop app?
    Also loggin out and in again in the app on your phone could resolve the issue
  • NoClaimNoClaim Member
    Yes I did both.... no luck :-(
  • BramBram Administrator, Athom
    Which version of the Android app did you install?
  • NoClaimNoClaim Member
    2.4.7 build 77 
    Don't understand as it worked perfectly before
  • NoClaimNoClaim Member
    edited August 8
    Don't know what I have done, but it seems to be working again (after installing the Homey preview app the phone shows it self as selectable in flows)

    close topic
  • BramBram Administrator, Athom
    Good to hear that it is solved! I will close this topic for now, if someone wants this topic to be re-opened please contact me
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