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RF-433 Z-Wave

Raspberry Pi + RFXCom + 433mhz receives signals perfectly, Homey doesn't?

SneeuwvosSneeuwvos Unconfirmed, Member
Hi guys,

I used to have a Raspberry Pi + RFXCom entenne and a couple of 433mhz door/window sensors. It worked perfectly, all signals were received without missing a single one.

Now with Homey, Homey sometimes tell me a window is still open while there really isn't. I haven't moved the sensors, I just replaced the Raspberry+RFXCom with Homey. Does Homey not receive it sometimes because it has a much smaller entenne? 

I feel I am now forced to replace all my 433mhz sensors to Zwave door/window sensors. Which cost A LOT more I can tell you.

I am using KAKU btw.


  • There are a lot of factors wich can invold the range of every  protocol, and yes it can also be that the range off homey with 433 mhz is less then what you had with your other setup. 

    Zwave is exspesive, you can also go for zigbee. Xiaomi has good censors for a Good price on the wel know chinees stores.

    Before that i would thirst try to make your 433 works better... maybee a range extender " there realy a lot off topics about 433 and there range" 

    So dont give up that fast, because replace all stuff with others can indeed exspensif
  • Homey just received more than one brand like is possible with rfxcom but this makes in practice a receiver less sensitive for signals. Just like rfxcom but that one already researched 433 for years and build a list to disable receiving some brands that decrease the sensitivity of others.

    Athom still hopes the receipt in of 433 improves when they update the RF controller firmware.
    In thebmeantime you could install one of the rfxcom apps and operate your raspberry with rfxom side by side with Homey.
    But zwave and zigbee have the advantage of two way communication, security and meshing to extend the network that Kaku on rfxcom doesn't have.
  • SneeuwvosSneeuwvos Unconfirmed, Member
    Thanks for both answers. I will read more about this on the forum, and already purchased a few ZWave sensors to test if that works better.
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