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HFY608A 433MHz Wireless LED Dimmer - Unknown device

StevesteveStevesteve Unconfirmed, Member
edited August 2018 in Devices
how can I link the following device?

Cant get this working



  • GeurtDijkerGeurtDijker Member
    edited August 2018
    Hi Steve do you know the signal or  protocol the dimmer uses?
    And can you update the title with the brand andname of the device?
  • StevesteveStevesteve Unconfirmed, Member
    Hi Geurt,

    That is the problem, I don`t know the model or brand.
    When I open the remote this is the only thing I can see: HFY608A Rev2.2  and HDR433M

    Please pictures:!AjUTzg-jDPGFg3Vf6ALhW6QpN2nl


  • Ok, I guess it is a 433 MHz radio. Depends on the exact frequency and signaling. I see something on a pilight forum.

    If you look at you will first have to create an app yourself or maybe by someone in the community.

    Try to analyze the signal with Homey and see if an app can replay the signal.

    There is a very small change it functions with one of the existing 433 apps but I guess not.

  • StevesteveStevesteve Unconfirmed, Member
    Hi Geurt,

    Thank you!

    I`m working in IT but programming isn`t my job.
    Have solved this by using a Klik aan Klik uit switch for controlling the led lights.

    Thank you. (Post can be closed)

    Gr Steve

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