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Soma smart blinds.


Has Bluetooth been enabled for third party app developers?
I've been looking at move/movez for ages, but nothing has happened since funding - has anyone tried soma smart blinds? (A product very similar to ''move')


  • GeurtDijkerGeurtDijker Moderator, Backer - Geek Edition
    As far as I know the BLE implementation is stable as of 1.5.9 but is limited.

    Is your so a a BLE device?
  • As far as i can see, yes.
    I haven't bought any - since they aren't cheap, and I'm not going to do anything before theres some kind of homey integration :)

    Since move/movez seems to have completely grinded to a halt, i figured the community might have some interest in the soma-product.

    And, thank you for the info regarding BLE
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