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Smart Villa Life - New channel

daelpandaelpan Member
edited August 2018 in Ideas & Suggestions
Hello all homies (TM)

My name is Dennis Törnkvist and im from Sweden and have automated my home using the homey for over a year now. I love home automation and spend to much time and money on it.

I just started a new Youtube channel, because I want more people to talk to about my smart house. I will post step by step guides to bring more people into the homey community. I will post videos weekly where I show of my house and what I have done myself. I would love your feedback of how I could do things better since I only just started. If you like what I have done it would help me a lot if you like, comment and subscribe on youtube links are below.

/ Keep being awesome Dennis

twitter - @smartvillalife
facebook - smartvillalife
Instagram - @smartvillalife


  • Looks promising. But I hope it gets more advanced later?  :)
    How many devices would you say you have?
  • patphoto said:
    Looks promising. But I hope it gets more advanced later?  :)
    How many devices would you say you have?
    Thanks I will get more advance over time indeed but I keep every video very simple and inclusive. I will not cover things like arduino tinkering or homeyscript flows but other than that I cover as mutch I can afford :D.
    Currently I have about 50 devices myself ... it depends how you count. about 30 apps in my homey and about 70-80 flows so I have a lot to cover. Meanwhile I will also cover more stuff I get my hands on aswell.

    But I will from time to time post things that are very simple and inclusive. I will also throw in a boardgame later down the line since its my other hobby.
  • Well, looking foreward to seeing more then !
  • quartquart Unconfirmed, Member
    Looking great, keep up the good job
  • Thanks all please let me know if there anything you like me to cover in the future.
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