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Backup completed on Windows PC? Call Homey by running an executable!

SneeuwvosSneeuwvos Unconfirmed, Member
Hi guys,

I have created an executable (created with AutoHotKey scripting) so you can let Homey know your backup is succesful (or failed).

1. Plugin required:
HTTP request flow cards @

2. Create a flow:

3. Download link for AutoHotKey script:
3. AutoHotKey source code if you want to compile your self:
Url = %1%
whr := ComObjCreate("WinHttp.WinHttpRequest.5.1") whr.Open("GET", Url, true)whr.Send() whr.WaitForResponse()

3. Call from your backup program:

4. You are done!
Your homey will turn green when your backup software has finished.

NOTE: If you run openUrlHidden.exe without any parameters it will give a debug window. Don't do that because you should always run it with an URL as parameter. Have fun!
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