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Ceiling fan with light Z-wave controlled

CarosCaros Member
edited August 2018 in Questions & Help
Hi all,

Maybe I've been searching wrong, and there is an easy solution already, or maybe it doesn't exist yet. As quite a few from you all now it has been quit warm in Europe. So I'm thinking about a ceiling fan in the bedroom. With every new thing I want, I'm first looking if I can control it with my Homey.

There are two Z-wave buttons on the market (as far as I know), one from "GE" and one from "Leviton". But both of them are not supported (there is no app yet) and both don't seem to be able to also toggle a light switch. Because this fan will be placed in the Bedroom, I want to combine it with a light switch.

For me it's fine if I'm able to switch the fan on one setting through Z-wave and if I can toggle the light. Since I'm not really into the electronics: Will this be able with current available technologies.

Thanks in advance for your help!


  • Just look for example to Fibaro there are more options
  • Use an remote controlled fan via IR, and an remotetec zxt-120 works here;)
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