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[App] Dyson app 2.0.1


I am trying to use the Dyson app 2.0.1 Dyson Pure Cool Link
To put it in one sentence. When adding a device and after logging in to Dyson, it doesn't find any devices to add.

I was wondering if it does work for other people.

The background of my question:
During the registration of my Dyson Pure Cool Link odd things happenend, so I'm not entirely sure that my device is registered properly at Dyson. On the other hand, if I install the Dyson Link app on a new smartphone, it does work, simply after logging in. (and from what I've seen, the Dyson app also talks towards the same api DNS address as Homey does.

So depending if other people can connect to their devices, I either will file a bug-report to the Homey app, or towards Dyson :)


  • I own a simple 'Dyson cool AM06 ' ventilator and don't get it to work with the Homey app. In de Dyson app I see two devices A Dyson Air Multiplier and a Dyson Pure Cool Link.  Seems to me that the normal 'Dyson cool' ventilator is not in the app, because it looks like both of them a purifiers. 
    If I install the Multiplier, I get it installed on homey and see the three buttons for faster slower and turning. These don't work. If I install de Pure Cool, I must during install login at Dyson and then my login is rejected.
    If I go directly to MyDyson, I can log-in without a problem. I don't get it !
  • viixviix Member
    It was working great the 1st day or 2.. but now the dyson app can't send commands in a flow?
    I have my fan on static IP so it shouldn't be network issues since I can access it via my dyson link app.. 
  • AppelFlap321AppelFlap321 Member
    edited August 2018
    Since I can't provide an 'issue' on github for the module, I sent a bugreport to the upstream-source of the module.

    I did some testing with this, and I found that the 2018 model uses another 'name' than the ones hardcoded in the scripting.

    The old standing models use name    475
    The 2018 standing model use name   438

    I found this using tcpdump and looking at it's mdns traffic.

    I did some further research on this and found a Python module that works for the new fans. Dyson has created a whole new API for the 2018 models. I created a new Github 'issue'

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