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Weird network issue

I am having a very strange problem with my Homey and I am really scratching my head figuring out what could be the problem. My Homey is not reachable on the LAN IP from my iPhone. It is reachable from other (wireless and wired) computers on my LAN, and other devices connected to the same AP as the Homey are reachable from the iPhone. From my iPhone, it won’t even respond to ping. This definitely used to work, and I did not change network set up. It is possible that this stopped working after the 1.5.11 upgrade, but I am not sure. HomeKit is no longer working, and I suspect this is the reason.

i have double checked and triple checked that the IP is reachable on my Mac connected to the same AP as my Homey. Connecting the iPhone through 4G+VPN makes it talk to the Homey again, it seems the only time I have a problem is from iOS going directly through WiFi.

I have not ruled out a network issue (Unifi AP), but I am positive I can reach all other devices connected to it, only the Homey is unreachable. I am thinking maybe the routing table got screwed up somehow, but I am not sure how to verify since the Homey doesn’t have shell

Have anyone experienced something similar?


  • Gyles99Gyles99 Unconfirmed, Member
    I didn't face this issue yet. My network is going well so far. 
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