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Timeline update please

Dear Athom,

Is there a more actual timeline available or could you please provide me with one? I check a lot, but it never seems to update any of the features I'm interested at.

For me the Backup & Restore function is about a must have, more and more is connected to Homey and I don't want to think about re configuring it all.

I also have lots of google home devices connected so I can speak with Homey, but the current way that this works sucks because you need to ask google to "Tell Homey" and it seems to interpretate "Harmony" a lot instead. I hope the google assistant app upgrades that feature, but where to find the progress / timeline on that?

Finally Z-Wave and ZigBee still seem very unstable. I read that you were completely rewriting those modules and hope that would fix a lot of my issues, but I can't even find that on the Trello board?

Why is there not a bit more professional roadmap? With a real timeline / expected delivery date and occasional updates about the progress? I got the newsletter today with as a topic "Cool new things", got me excited, but there were only some more integrations available. Nice, but I would really like some of the general improvements.

Please keep us updated :-)


  • As this post is for Athom i closed this. Best u send an email to if u want direct answers from Athom. This is a community forum and Athom is not reading along all the time. U can also send a PM to @Bram if u like. This has nothing to do with censorship as i am in no financial way connected to Athom. Am just a vollunteer doing my best in my free time. Just to prevent this is gonna be another whining topic i closed this. If u have any prblems with that, plz feel free to send me a PM. If u have any problems with me being a moderator u can also send @Bram a PM.
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