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Alert if a device becomes unresponsive

Hi guys

I have a backyard pond that gets aereated (bubbles!) every 3 hours for an hour. Some fish need some extra air especially if its really hot outside. The airpump is hooked up by a Neo Coolcam powerplug that is tunred on and off during set intervals.

This night the powerplug failed to turn on the pump, this morning some of my fish were belly-up. The plug was unresponsive to manually turning it on and off from the app and from the hardware button on it. AFter taking it ou of the wallsocket and replugging it worked again. I noticed this behavior before with other wallplugs (but that arent that critical).

If only i could be notified if it failed... or maybe if I could setup a flow that checks if device is onr or off at a certain time and notifies my if it is otherwise?


  • RocodamelsheRocodamelshe Member
    edited August 2018
    Something like this maybe? Tags of ur device can be found on the top menu.
    U can also send a message to ur phone ofc.
  • Excellent! I was totally overthinking this. Thx Roco.
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