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Hue motion sensor constantly raising Motion Alarm

Yesterday I received the Hue Motion Sensor. I connected it successfully to my Homey via the 'Philips Hue Zigbee' app from HibbiSoft AB. I don't have a Hue bridge. The problem I'm having is that the Motion Alarm is constantly on. I placed it in a cabinet for a while where, as far as I know, nothing moves. When I check the status under devices, this is what I see:

It seems to detect the darkness in the cabinet correctly.

Also under insights it shows that the alarm never goes off. What do you think? Is this a problem with the Motion Sensor? Or could it also be a problem with Homey / Philips Hue Zigbee?


  • fkeyfkey Member
    The sensors work fine at my home also no bridge and using philips hue zigbee. So software is OK. Did you already try to take the battary out?
  • I just did that, with no success. I think I'll return the device.

    ;fkey Can you tell me what the latency is of getting the signal for a motion detection to Homey? I wanted to use it to turn on a light whenever someone walks by. But I noticed that it takes quite some time (more than a few seconds) before I see the luminance change from 50lx to 1lx and back...
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