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Opinion? Whats best&why : A one flow with time period or B deactivate flow

fkeyfkey Member
edited July 2018 in Questions & Help
I would like to hear your pro’s & con’s (and improvements)
whats your best & why?
Situation: I have a flow that is trigerred by a light sensor (lux) that sends every 5min
2 possible solutions:

A limit triggger via time period in AND:
Flow1: IF=lux changed, AND time=15:00-22:00 AND Lux<12, THEN: lights on
advantage: simple and clear flow structure
disadvantage: flow is triggered every 5 min (should I care?, I will have multiple flows like this for different rooms, dusk&dawn(lux>12)...)

B: Disable flow during time period
Flow1: IF Time=15:00, THEN activate Flow2
Flow2: IF=lux change, AND=Lux<12, THEN: lights on
Flow3: IF Time=22:00, THEN deactivate Flow2
advantage: flow is only triggered in required period
disadvantage: flow structure not very clear


  • Personally I would choose a, kiss. Homey evaluates flows pretty fast. 
    Look at the CPU usage if you have multiple flows to check.

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