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Toshiba Daiseikai AC Unit - WH-TA01EE remote

ihanseihanse Member
edited July 2018 in Devices
Hi guys!

So far, i'm loving my Homey, and is such a blast configuring all my devices and creating cool flows, using cheap RFID-cards to trigger actions and IRL rickrolls.

But, one of my main objectives with this was to inteligently and remotely be able to manage my Toshiba Daiseikai AC unit. The remote that came with it is a "smart" remote with timer functionality and much more, so copying commands does noe seem to work as it sends out multiple commands at once.

BUT, thanks to the internet, i have found a example script where someone emulates the remote for use with PIGPIOD and seem to have isolated the commands, but, even though i'm pretty good at google'ing, i have NO idea how to, and if it is even possible, to utlilize this awsome code and add my Toshiba heater as a device in Homey.

All help appriciated and coding-help resulting in working device will be supported with beer :-D

The awesome code i found, but don't know how to use in Homey is here:

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