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Change lights and music and then setting them back to as-they-were

My Homey gets triggered when the doorbell gets rang. I need a flow that  changes lights and music and then setting them back to as-they-were. The lights are on zwave, the music on Sonos. Anyone knows if that is possible in a flow?


  • fkeyfkey Member
    I have the same question, did not build a flow around it yet (just received my homey) but do have some ideas:
    I am thinking about creating “scenes”, this would be a flow that sets every desired device to a certain state. 
    Evening living= dimmed lights and warm hue colors & low music
    cleaning living= bright lights & loud music
    Evening kitchen= dimmed ligts and warm hue colors 
    diner kitchen= lights on dining table on
    doorbel= Specific lights on
    these “scene” flows will be triggered by other flows (sunset or lux measurement in living &kitxhen), time the cleaning lady comes, a doorbell)
    the status could be logged by a vertual decice that also has the last status. This way the flow would be able to return to evening scene 5min after the doorbell rang

    any other ideas? Improvements? Easier ways
  • yemoHyemoH Member
    I had the same challenge. When my land line phone rings, Homey is triggered. I chose to use the flash card for Hue. After two or three flashes the lights return to their original state.
  • Problem is that the Hue-api does not tell what the current scene is.

    I have Homey controlling all my Scene's by just staring a single flow and no matter what time, activity or light condition it is, it's always at the same state as I want it. Kind of like the way fkey described.
    Now, whenever I do something else to the lights in some other flow, as long as I just start my lighting flow again afterwards the lights will be the same again as they were.

    When you want to go back to the state lights were when other controllers can also change the lighting (mobile app) then you will have to start saving bulb states. And I think that the times you will go wrong with that are not worth the effort.

    These lights will only work when someone is awake, and the lights go off 30 seconds after someone goes to sleep. I set these by telling homey goodnight in the evening, and goodmorning in the morning. These triggers are also used to tell me what garbagebin should go outside, or if I need to water the plants. Or set the alarm or....
  • difficult task... Sory bro cant help...
  • Look at this. If tag manipulation was possible, this could be solved by saving the variables.

    I've been looking into this functionality before - without much luck. (Forum Search should find a few posts about it.).

    Good luck :)
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