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Homey as Alarm, any suggestions/experiences

edited July 2018 in Ideas & Suggestions

During the years I have Homey, I collected a lot of sensors and now I have on every window/door a alarm contact. Now the question is I would like to to test Homey as an Alarm because I am not sure if it is reliable as an Alarm.

I end up with a homey script that check if there is any open contact:

let devices = await Homey.devices.getDevices();

return _.some(devices, device => {
if(device.class != 'sensor') return false;
if(!device.state.alarm_contact) return false;
return true;
 and connected to a flow that checks every 10 seconds.

The problem of this is:
* max delay of 10 seconds (of course I could run it every second, but I am not sure if homey can handle this)
* I prefer to have it event driven
* would like to know which alarm contact triggert

So I am wondering, can any one from you share his/her thoughts and experiences?



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