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Flow for Garden Lights with movement and luminance

rafirafi Member
edited July 2018 in Ideas & Suggestions
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I've been playing with the settings for a quite long time with  no success. I opened a support ticket with lovely Homey support 3 months ago with no updates whatsoever. What a customer friendly company. I've been trying to create a new flow that triggers the garden lights on when there is movement and the light luminosity is below a certain level. Nothing works. I can see tags but I can't define anything. Hopefully it would be quicker than 3 months through this forum.



  • Plz show us the screenshots from ur flows so we can check where it's goin wrong?
  • rafirafi Member
  • rafirafi Member
    i need to add a condition when the luminance is below a certain level and the movement is  detected to trigger the flow.
  • Looks like luminance is 0. Is it changing at any point?
    Ur flow should look something  like :
    WHEN luminace changed AND luminance is below 100 THEN turn on the light.
    This can only been done when luminance is actualy changing. Did u check that?
  • rafirafi Member
    Yes, it does. The sensor is outside and it was middle of the night. I just can't see a way to modify that tag.
  • rafirafi Member
    Scratch that. I was able to fix that. Thanks.
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