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Hue bridge turn off all lights problem, no hue scene to do this

B3rtB3rt Member
edited July 2018 in Questions & Help
Today i received my hue bridge which i succesfully added to homey.

All my hue lights are paired to the bridge and the bridge to homey.

I created some scenes in Hue for my lighting which i start with a flow card in Homey, works great.

For the first time all my lights actually all perform what they suppose to do :)

But i have a problem...

How do i turn OFF all hue lights?

It seems it is NOT possible to create a scene in hue (app 2) to switch off all lights, with the bridge i also got a dimmer/remote and when i press on the O button everything turns off, that is exactly what i want.

How do i do this in Homey, i cannot choose the dimmer as then option, when i use a then hue flow card to run a hue scene there is no OFF option, my other scene's are present but no scene to turn every thing off.

How do i do this without to having to turn off every hue light bulb manually in homey?


  • Oy1974Oy1974 Member
    Did you make rooms in the hue bridge?. There is a card in " turn of all lights in room"
  • viixviix Member
    there is a card for philips hue in the flow editor for "turn all lights off" 
  • B3rtB3rt Member
    How stupid or blind can i be... did not see or notice this card at all.... haha
  • Oy1974Oy1974 Member
    Lets blame the high temperture for it ?
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