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Solved: Node.js trying to install on wrong IP

Stefan_8182Stefan_8182 Member
edited July 2018 in Questions & Help

✓ Validating app...

✓ Homey App validated successfully against level `debug`

✓ Packing Homey App...

✓ Installing Homey App on `Homey` (

request to failed, reason: connect ETIMEDOUT

Hi, I'm trying to install an app from github, but now when I use the command "athom app install" it tries to install on the wrong IP.

The correct IP is

 Any ideas? (I selected my active homey in the node.js command promt prior to the install)


  • Solution: Connected my laptop through ethernet instead.
  • Hi,
    Should also work from Wifi,  I always use Wifi

    Dit you try to select the Homey again?
    I should update if Homey switched to use an other DHCP address, 

    Homey related commands
      athom.js homey list      List all Homeys
      athom.js homey select    Select a Homey as active
      athom.js homey unselect  Unselect the active Homey
  • Stefan_8182Stefan_8182 Member
    edited July 2018
    I tried that too, then I tried to access my other devices on my network, but got the no connection to them too. So the problem laid in my laptop. Don't know what happened since I could install another app last week just fine. And my internet connection was working fine the whole time.

    Anyway, thanks for replying!
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