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Closed Flows Z-Wave Aeotec

Best way to combine motion sensor (aeotec multisensor 6) + neo coolcam motion sensor

I have a aeotec multisensor 6 + a neocool motion sensor for my bathroom.

I want the light to turn on if the motion sensor (aeotec multisensor) detects something (between 6pm to 6am).

And once the motion sensor (neo coolcam motion sensor) detects no motion, it will turn off the light unless the door sensor detects it is closed.

This seems to work fine. But anyway to make it better/ more efficient?

I'm concerned that this flow means most of the time my toilet door will be open and the door sensor alert is almost always on, will it kill the battery much faster than expected (rated at one year).

Also I'm relying on the aeotec multisensor motion dectection , currently is set to 1min which is fine since it is hooked up to the power

Or should I change to a flow where there is a countdown started when no motion is detected and once counter down is zero, it will turn off the light (unless door is open).



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