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Alarm Wind directions. How to make a flow

edited July 2018 in Questions & Help
Hello my name is Hans Hoevenaars-Beach

I do not understand how things work on this site, but ill have a go.
If this problem is already discussed i give my apologies, and like to know where.

 A few days ago i got a Netatmo weather station and windmeter. I got these because i have sunscreens.
The Netatmo gives me a reading of the wind speed, wind direction (0-360 degrees) and temperature.

My problem is this.
When the wind is coming towards my house  between 90 dgr (East) and up to 270 dgr (west) faster then 35 kmh. The sunscreens rips apart.
In other words. They should not come down when the wind is from a wrong direction. Or when they are down they should come up when the wind has changed to a wrong direction.

When the wind is coming from behind the house lower dan 90 dgr down till 0 dgr (East to North) and/or 270 dgr up to 360 dgr (West to north) it is not a problem to have the screens down, even when the wind is higher then 35 kmh. They could stay down until 50 kmh.
In other words. When it gets hot and windy from these directions in this situation it is not a problem to have the screens down.

I have used a App called  Open weather map, but the problem is when the wind changes it takes a long time before it is seen by Homey (delay internet etc).

I use the Apps Better Logic, Countdown and the apps in Homey. So far i have not a clue how to get this working. Love to here from you people if there is anyone out there than know how to tackle this problem.

Sorry for my English (I am Dutch).

Best regards,

Hans Hoevenaars-Beach


  • Hi Hans, 
    No problems with your English.

    I would start with creating flows that report fe to your phone or logging on Homey what happens. You need flows to trigger on different triggers.

    Wind speed change (AND state =down AND higer than AND from direction etc...) => up 
    Wind direction changes (AND state =down  AND from direction  AND higher than etc...) => Up 
    Temperature or Licht intensty changes  (AND state is up AND Light is higher than AND wind etc...) => down 
    Temperature or Licht intensty changes  (AND state is down AND Light is LOWER than ) => up

    imho all triggers should have approximately the same conditions and have an action for a virtual Switch (or Binds). 
    You could choose to narrow the down triggers somewhat (more strikt ) and have the others for up.
    If you want both the direction zones to have an max WindSpeed for down you need a OR with some of the conditions  and the 2nd speed. 

    Then create one Flows On Change of the Virtual Switch if Up =>  Sunscreen Up Else SunScreen Down

    You could start with only sending a push to your phone to know if it works or log on Homey (SimpleLog or PaperTriails) and read the actions that happened back.

    I would set an Countdown on Wind changes and Up to prevent the screen going up and going down 5 minutes later again.  Than you need an If Countdown timer not running  on all conditions (AND Column) for the Actions to switch the virtual Switch to Down.

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