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Google Home keeps hearing Harmony instead of Homey


It's annoying enough that we have to tell Google to ask Homey to do something, but I can live with that. I have a google home in each room and can control a lot with it already. That is great, but what is really annoying is that Google Home keeps thinking I want it do tell something to Harmony instead of Homey and tells me to setup an Harmony account. No matter how clear I try to pronounce "Homey", most of the times it still thinks I mean "Harmony". I know we can work with routines, but that is cumbersome. It there a way to alias Homey within Google Home with something more unique? So I could for instance ask Google Home to ask "superman" to turn on the lights in the bedroom? Or eliminate Harmony within Google Home so it will no longer be confused? I don't even have a Harmony and don't need it either.

Hope there can be a solution for this.
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