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Homey studders, refuses to switch on lights (milight, kaku, elro)

LampenzLampenz Member
edited July 2018 in Questions & Help

Since a month or two, homey began to studder. First i thought this must have come because of the amount of apps. So i decreased the number of apps dramaticly by unistalling the unneeded ones (i went from 30+ to 20 apps). But still te studdering continued.

As a matter of fact, it got worse. Homey now takes about 3 minutes to say:"Sorry, ik begrijp niet wat u bedoeld" (which in english means something like "sorry, i haven't heard what you were saying". 

A few weeks ago the problem got even worse. Homey stopt switch my lights. But when i look into my speech input it definetly heard what i said. So the flow should have triggerd. Also the fact that homey says (although with hard studdering) "ik zet het licht in de woonkamer aan". (English:"Switching on livingroom lights") which also suggests that the flow triggerd. At first i thought that it was my network / router settings, but since the klikaanklikuit devices i have also don't switch suggest otherwise.

If i go the the settingspage of my device (milight/kaku) then my mylight/kaku doesn't allways respond when i try to switch it from here.

I'm starting to get a bit frustrated by my homey. Because it should be making my automation easier. But it only makes it harder right now. Yesterday evening i had to stand up to reach out for a remote.. soooo sadd.... :(

Anyway, anyone has any idea on how to fix this problem?

[Added for extra info]
Homey Firmware Versie: 1.5.11
Node version: 8.9.4
Storage: 1.09 GB free of 1.64 GB
Memory: 511.92 MB RAM, swap: 371.80 MB


  • Did you already try a PtP?
    (Pull the Plug)
    How much time does it take before you reach the ~370 MB Swap after restart ?
  • I have the same problem and made a ticket.
    It's a bug what they are fixxing in 2.0.0
    This is the reply I got:

    Bram van Rooijen (Athom)
    Jun 29, 13:06 CEST
    Goedemiddag Mark,

    De ontwikkelaar heeft naar je log gekeken en is er achter gekomen dat het hier gaat om een bekende bug die in firmware versie 2.0.0 opgelost zal worden.

  • @GeurtDijker, i did pull the plugg serveral times. But to no avail. Furthermore, i've watched my homey with the logger app. But it does not look busy at all. There are no flows who are being called constantly.

    I've contacted support as wel after i read your reply.
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