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Seperate system/configuration for Homey

Hi guys,

I want to use my Homey for a party over a couple days. On that location there is no wifi available so i wont have any internet. I will be using Homey on a powerbank.

I will only use a Aqara switch to trigger a flow that plays sounds and changes the led ring color.

The problem now is that i have about 200 flows, so my batterypack is empty within 1 hour.

I would like to have a complete new setup with a clean beginning so that i can use Homey that day specific for my 1 flow and all the rest is 'gone'. Even all my devices if thats possible, i don't need them in the forest.

Clearly, when the party is over i would like to use Homey as i did before. 

Do you have any suggestions or solutions?



  • Try reading more on You can back-up, possibly edit a copy that disables your flows and restore. 
  • Oy1974Oy1974 Member
    Maybe a better solution is, to disable the flows you wont need or use. 
  • Oy1974 said:
    Maybe a better solution is, to disable the
    flows you wont need or use. 
    Indeed, just disable all that you won't use, it's the easiest way.
    Have fun!

  • Disable all other flows and TEST the one you wan to use (while connected to the powerbank) 
    see how long it will work (and share here, i'm interested :-) )
  • Ohohohhh! Having some great performance over here. Used the Candy app to disable all my (old) flows that i put in a folder called 'Old' and Candy switched them all of, except a few, but hey... no problem.

    Then i disabled all my apps except Kuka, Xiaomi Zigbee, Virtual Devices and Better Logic (using better logic in my flows) and connected the Homey to a powerbank.

    Used Better Logic to increase a 'minute counter' for as long as the Homey has power to it and repeated every flow every 15 minutes. The flows are a bit heavy speaking of using the led ring and speaker so it's not just Homey saying a word but gives a whole show based on door/window and switch triggers :-)

    He lasted 362 minutes! The son of a salad! That's more then enough for the evening.

    Some expanded information: we're going to use the Homey in a ghost tour (spokentocht xD). He is captured in a wooden box with a combination lock. The children that are following the route need to collect the numbers for the lock. When the children arrive, Homey starts to twinkle and the light comes beautifully between the wooden cracks and plays some scary sounds. When they open the box the curses will be played, and when my girlfriend and i put our hands on the Homey (NFC, Muahahaha) the curse will be released with some great spectacle! We're both quite impressed by the performance of our little white guy. 

    WIll be posting a video soon! :-)

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