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Velux Active Gateway available to control io-homecontrol devices over Apple Homekit

Hello Community,

since this week Velux delivers Velux Active with an Internet Gateway and the possibillity to controll Velux Windows, etc. over an App. and Apple HomeKit.

Does anybody want to write an App for this Gateway?. I think the Velux and Somfy Community was waiting for such a solution a long time.

May be, I do only need to install the Apple Homekit App, to create flows with Apple Homekit devices. Who can answer this?



  • jelockwoodjelockwood Unconfirmed, Member
    Whilst I would also like this capability I suspect it is not going to be possible. The only HomeKit solutions in this area I have seen are thins like HomeBridge which work in the opposite direction to allow non-HomeKit devices to be accessed via HomeKit. I have not seen anything which allows HomeKit (only) devices to be accessed by other smart home systems which is what you are referring to.

    At the moment the best or only option would seem to be getting the Velux Active kit to link to HomeKit, and also getting the Somfy Tahoma bridge and via that linking to the Athom and using the Somfy app in the Athom.
  • bvbbvb Member
    As Velux has developed the solution with Netatmo, they should be open to write an Homey App with the Netatmo Developer Kit. I do not want to use the Tahoma only for the control of my roof windows... and I do not want to support the proprietary system of Somfy :smile:
  • robertkleprobertklep Member
    edited August 2018
    There's a Node module called `hap-client` that can be used to connect to and control HomeKit devices, which, at least in theory, would mean that it would be possible to write a Homey app that uses this module to control Velux Active.
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