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Insights data used in flows?

viixviix Member
edited July 2018 in Questions & Help
I'm trying to use the temperature data for the past 6 hours across 6 sensors to create a flow and I'm avoiding creating 36 flows to create 36 hourly variables than get a median.

I notice that that data is already in INSIGHTS. Is there an app or function that can use this data as I've searched the forum to no avail.
I saw the app Aggregated Insights but don't understand the app.

I was hoping this would be a function within the Homey API itself since it's already there.
Anyone can point me in the right direction on where to look?
I notice the data can be retrieved into a log via some script but since I have little scripting knowledge,
is there a way I can pull the json data to get an median for the past 6 hours and create a better logic variable with some get request?

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