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Storage Snapshot Camera

MarcelTimmermansMarcelTimmermans Backer - Homey

I am busy with an app connecting to my Dahua Camera. I am building the functions I need and one of them is snapshot. Can I store (temporary) store a file (the snapshot image) and then email to my account and delete the snapshot again?


  • The folder `/userdata/` is writable for your app (source).

    You can (probably) use a module like `nodemailer` to e-mail the photo somewhere. If you hook things up properly, you may not even need to store the file locally: `nodemailer` can use streams for attachments, and I assume that the snapshot data is downloaded through a stream as well.
  • MarcelTimmermansMarcelTimmermans Backer - Homey
    and thanks again! :)
  • jordenjorden Member
    Hi Marcel, don't do too much work! 

    There is an "Image token" function built into Homey: https://developer.athom.com/docs/apps/Image.html

    This is a place where you can store the image, which is compatible with other apps. I use this with the ImageGrabber app, for example, and other apps use it as well (I think the Ring.com doorbell app, for example).

    There are already a few apps that have support for the Homey image tokens, for example:
    - Telegram
    - Email.sender

    Users will have to install that app but can then drag the image token into it. This means you won't have to do the email functionality, but can just instruct your users to install the Email.sender app. Or the Telegram app if they want to send it to their Telegram account.
  • MarcelTimmermansMarcelTimmermans Backer - Homey
    Dawn :), I had to know this earlier :) Any how I make another action with this one, so that they can choose. Thanks for this info. Really appreciated.

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