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Beta HUE

Hue app beta 3.0.7 broken?

rvowrvow Member
Since I updated to Homey Hue app beta 3.0.7, bulbs that have been set to brightness 0 or to Off in Homey by a flow or by device settings, are not reachable by Homey after that through flows, e.g. to set a brightness level. After I switch off a bulb, it becomes basically unusable.
This behavior was not in Hue app 3.0.4. that I have used for months. I feel stupid making the step to the beta, because I cannot go back according to the Homey app website without losing all Hue devices (about 40) and flows with those devices.

I am on Homey 1.5.11, flows programmed on the desktop on an iMac 2015 with Sierra OS. Latest (square) Hue bridge.
The exact error message with a red danger triangle is:
Philips Hue: 201, parameter, hue, is not modifiable. Device is set to off.

I can reach the bulbs in Homey again after I increased their brightness through an iOS HUe app (iConnect Hue).

Anyone has the same experience or is it local to my situation?

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