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Fibaro Motion Sensor - Seismic Activity

SindriksenSindriksen Member
edited June 2018 in Devices
I just bought a Fibaro Motion Sensor, hoping that I could get insights on seismic activity in my house. There is a tunnel being made under my garden, so I am interested in knowing how much it affects my house and if some of the explosions are more powerful than others.

I am hoping that this can be recorded like a seismograph, not only as on/off.

Can someone point me to a thread that discusses this or does anyone know if this can be done?



  • Oy1974Oy1974 Member
    Hmm dont own a fibaro motion sensor, but what shows it when you look at the insights?? also on/off or.....
  • casedacaseda Member
    edited June 2018
    This is not implemented into the app, also the first time I'm seeing someone asking for this feature. (or even mentioning)

    To get it added you will have to add a feature request on github for this,
    as the app is currently being rewritten to sdk2 by athom (homeys newer/better api) you have a chance it can be added easily, but will have to wait until it is done. (no ETA of when done)

    Not very likely it will be added in this version of the app unless you add this your self

    Though not very likely they will use explosions to make this tunnel? We don't live in a movie, or in the 70's.
  • I will head over to github and see if I can find some info there.

    (They use explosives a few times a day, so i guess I live in a movie.)
  • EternityEternity Member
    edited June 2018
    Check out the Aeotec Sensor 6 , it might be of help to your needs. I am not sure how it registers seismic activity though:

    Vibration sensor.

    It measures the environment it’s in, and it also measures itself. MultiSensor 6 contains a seismic sensor capable of detecting and reporting event-based vibrations. Those slight changes can be used to protect MultiSensor 6 – it’ll know if an intruder is tampering with it or if the sensor has accidentally moved from its place of installation. They’ll also be able to detect seismic activity within your home.

  • It cannot measure seismic activity, not in the sense of earthquakes or explosions underground.
    Thats a whole different kind of measurement. those sensors above are on-off

    Kind regards, Herman
  • Hi.

    This is taken from the Fibaro Motion Sensor-manual. I was thinking that if one can do this with Fibaro Home Center, it can be done with Homey. Might be wrong, though. I am not a programmer....

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