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Homey capabilities

Hey there! I’m thinking about getting homey, would like to know some info, which I could not find yet.
-A/C controll? Z-wave “remotec ztx-120” working ok? Any other ways ro controll a/c?
-remote acess? Free? Ddns?
-remote acess to home kit and google assistant?
-cameras? Rtsp?
-controlling the lights? (Not just bulbs, wall power). I know about xiaomi wall switches, but the all are squere, so theu don’t fit to russian wall switch box. 
-does it work stable?
-notifications to phone (android, ios)?
-ways to controll tv? I know about IR inside Homey, but are there limited tipes of TVs?


  • technimantechniman Member
    edited June 2018
    1. check the remotech app > and optionally ask the developer to maybe add it
    2. yes, yes, no (no need)
    3. there's an app for that
    4. no, noooo, but there is an app for that too which works ok
    5. yes, several brands
    6. as long as you stay with <16 apps yes (and dont use the insights that much)
    7. yes, configurable
    8. Yes, IR is one of them, but most brands have an app or you get a logitech hub, it's also supported by homey
  • ArgiArgi Member
    Cool, thank you. Could you be more precise on question with lights? I just didnt find satisfying solution yet. What product will do the work?
  • ArgiArgi Member
    And how remote access is realized? Cloud? Free cloud??
  • WillemWillem Member
    edited June 2018
    You can use different kinds of light bulbs with Homey. 
    Just look in the app store ( ) for the light section, and you find lots of differents brands and types.

  • ArgiArgi Member
    I don’t want to use bulbs because i have a couple chandeliers, so it is is expensive to use 7 bulbs for one room, when I can just use reley in the wall. Second point - I am doing it for my parants house too, they need to have usual wall switches too. The third point - they have one chandelier, which have unusual bulbs, so I have to controll it from wall. 
    Is qubino or other z-wave relay the only way? Can I controll vhome or levolo switches (433)?
  • ArgiArgi Member
    Could someone give me the link where I can read about remote access. How is it done?
    Link to camera app? I would like to understand how does it work. Will I get the image inside homey app.
    Could I control Samsung Q7? Where is the list?
    Can not find even main link with docs and info about connecting everything.
    One more - locations. How does locations work here? 
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