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One or more devices on using variables


I'm trying to work out a set of flows that will monitor 6 virtual switches and will trigger an action if one or more is on.

I'm currently using "Better Logic" to increment a variable up by 1 when a switch is on and down by 1 when off. Then another flow checks if the variable is above 0 and triggers the action and off again if the variable drops below 1. 

So far so good, but during testing it occasionally gets out of sync and I get a value of -1

Any tips or advice? 

Basically I'm trying to achieve an "If A or B or C or D or E or F = On Then set X On"



  • viixviix Member
    Not too sure about using better logic but I use the app "SETS" for this.
    Create a set and then for each virtual device, it will activate or deactivate a state.
    If any state in the set is on, turn on X. If no state active, turn off X.
    Much more accurate in my case than incrementing a variable..

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