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Homey to replace Harmony Elite


I have an Intel NUC running LibreELEC, a Sony TV (Android TV) and an LG soundbar. I also have some Hue and Innr lights. I want to get a Danalock and also some way to control my car's heater (through a smart plug or similar). But for now, I've got a question regarding Harmony Elite and Homey.

Here's the thing: I bought a Harmony Elite this weekend and it's fully set up. I literally only have two activities on it and that's it;
Watch TV, which is basically controlling Kodi and the soundbar.
Watch Netflix, which starts Netflix on the TV and controlling the soundbar.

That's it. I don't have lots of remotes I need to get rid of. I basically only bought the Harmony Elite to be able to add the TV, Kodi and soundbar to be able to start it up with Alexa.

As I understand it - with Homey - I can tell Alexa to watch TV and Homey will do the same thing as the Harmony Elite (and hub) will? TV and soundbar use IR and Kodi can use IR or BT, but I have a great BT remote that I can use instead of the Elite. Other than when switching input to Netflix, I have no use for the remote that came with the TV.

So, in my specific situation, would you say that I could replace the Harmony Elite and hub with Homey?

Thank you!


  • WillemWillem Member
    There is Alexa support for Homey, so you can ask Alexa to run your devices thru Homey. And there is also a Harmony app available for Homey, so in your Homey flows ( recipies ) you could still start devices using the Harmony hub.
    Or you could use the Homey for your IR devices. Remember that Harmony can use far more IR devices then Homey, so, dont replace your Harmony Hub but use it as a nice addition on your Homey. That works great for me, because I use some stuff that's not supported by Homey yet. This way you have best of both worlds.
  • Thank you for the reply!

    Since I only have two IR devices (TV and soundbar), I'm gonna try using Homey for those. If it works as good as I want, I'll likely return the Harmony Elite. I can't keep just the hub as they came as a set. Worst case scenario I can return both and get only the hub as you said.

    I just got home after picking up Homey, so I have a fun evening ahead of me.
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