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Is Hunter Douglas/Luxaflex-shades Homey compatible?

IkonIkon Member
edited June 2018 in Devices
Hi, let me start of by saying that i’m very new to Homey, and i’m in the process of buying inte, so let me also apologize in advance for any dumb questions. 
I saw that there already are some topics regarding Luxaflex / Hunter Douglas, but i didn’t really understand them. 
So, we are gonna buy some shades from Luxaflex, and we are looking for somerhing to control them, so can Homey do this, and in that case, do we need to buy the hub from Luxaflex to make it work, or isn’t that needed? We have a meeting with the sales person this wednesday, so swift replies would be much appriciated. 


  • There is an app for Luxaflex Powerview which connects to the Powerview Hub
  • The beta version of this app works fine! You can controle all your scenes with this app. Please note this is a beta version.
  • rogierhrogierh Member
    edited June 2018
    For a not yet released version with some bugs removed, use the one from github. Let me know if you need help with that.
    This version is already running flawlessly for weeks, controlling the duettes and Venetian blinds in our home.

    And yes, you will need a PowerView hub...

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