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Brel Motors app - any progress on the "in between" setting?

Just curious, did someone find a solution to create a setting for the "in between mode" for the Brel Motors app?

I would love it when someone wakes up, the blinds moves to their preffered position and radio starts at the preferred station.



  • JPeJPe Member
    Probably you can make a flow that Starts opening the blinds and use "Stop" after a number of seconds?
    I use this for my Somfy sunscreen, total time is 60 seconds, close and stop after 30 seconds is half-open.
  • I've tried this solution, but without luck, sometimes the blinds are all on the most downward position. On another occasion they rolled only for 20 cm off. 
    This has to do something with the response of the homey caused by the many apps running on it.
  • JPeJPe Member
    @Undutchable62   The commands, as I use them, are in the same flow (then column), Start without delay and Stop with a wanted delay, for me this works very accurate.
  • That works, but isn't the finest solution, to the most upright position takes about 45 seconds, to the preferred position takes another 34 seconds. So for this moment the only solution, thank you for that. 

    Let's hope for some more development.
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