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HUE lights not responding properly (Homeykit)

Hannes85Hannes85 Member
edited June 2018 in Devices

getting the hang of homey and I love the way flows make me feel Like I am only limited by my own imagination.

however.. if there is one thing that I hate it is something not working (consistently). Whenever I try to ask Siri to turn on my HUE lights in the living it connects to homeykit and follows turns on some of my lights. The entire house has around 60 lights. 10 or so are in the living but it fails to bring online all. Also, if I change the colours the same thing happens, some listen and some don’t. If I ask Siri twice she usually listens better and turns on more lights. 

Havent tried any flows yet with HUE but would like speech to work at least. My HUE app and Logitech are working perfectly fine with HUE so I doubt it is with anything other than homey/Homeykit.



  • Isn't it easier to let Siri connect to the hue bridge directly and not to Homey using homeykit?
    Why do you want to connect through homey and not just parallel of it?

  • jordenjorden Member
    If you have a Hue bridge 2.0+ you can directly add the lights to Siri which indeed works better. 

    I have a lot of devices routed through Homeykit, but not my Hue lights.
  • Good question.. never bothered with speech before and now with homeykit I wanted to give it a shot. Can you confirm that other flows do work ok with the lights?
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