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I experience problems with my Homey missing flows

I experience problems with my Homey missing flows sometimes. Lights still lit in the morning when they were to be turned off at night.
The two lamps I had trouble with have both Fibaro single switch 2. When I take a look at them in devices they are off there but not in real.

Anyone who has a clue what the problem could be?


  • mikronmikron Member
    I forgot to mention that the distance can not be a problem as there is only a few meters between Homey and Fibaro switch 2 with a wooden wall between them.
  • Oy1974Oy1974 Member
    Good be anything. Other flows that turn it on again. What thriggers it ect.

    Maybe post a screenshot of the flows using icm with that lights and switch.

    Not much info at the moment so hard to help you
  • BramBram Member
    @mikron Are the flows really missing or are some devices not being triggered?
  • mikronmikron Member
    Some devices not being triggered. Here is the simple flow.

  • Oy1974Oy1974 Member
    Does it work with the test option?
  • Switching multiple Zigbee devices at does not work. Have you tried to switch the devices 1 second apart? 
  • RemkoWRemkoW Member
    From personal experience :) , I learned there should be a small delay between each z-wave device being switched off.
    Switching multiple devices at the same time works only sometimes.
  • My guess:
    Sending a lot zigbee or z-wave commands/packets at the precise same time will result in loosing some commands/packets on the path towards the destinations. Homey-developers can solve this by incorporate a small-delaying queuing system in Homey. Don't know if they already work on this...
  • mikronmikron Member
    I will try with the delay and see if it works better.
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