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Explanation of cards possible i devices /apps

Hi all, im trying to get a good understanding of making flows, but is there somewhere a detailed description of what the cards mean, for example the Fibaro Dimmer 2: set brightness, set relative brightness, set forced brightness, what is the difference?
Or the better Logic and countdown app, as newbie im a bit lost at all the possibilities.


  • BramBram Member
    Hi @Herman2604

    First and foremost, welcome to the community!
    I can understand that it can be a bit of a learning curve to understand all the different flow cards. I will try to explain your examples as best as I can:

    - Set brightness is used to set a lamp for example to a given brightness percentage (for example 50%)
    - Relative brightness will be based on the current brightness of the light (for example 50%) and you want to increase this by for example 20%. This will turn the light to 70% brightness (50% + 20%)
    - Forced brightness is a capability of the Fibaro Dimmer 2. This will be the "forced brightness" when you turn on the device (it a sort of preset). So every time you turn on the device it will revert to this "preset"

    What do you want to know about the Logic and Countdown app?

    Let me know if my explanation is not clear:)
  • Thx Bram!
    That is clear!, one question about this, in the TAGS i only seem DIM level as a card, not Brightness 30% Brightness gives 0,3 as value in the DIM lvl, is that a bug?
    From the Logic app i dont understand when to use the different kinds of a variable, a string variable,   a boolean. a trigger  or a number.
    The countdown app i think i understand , just have to use them in the right place.
  • BramBram Member
    edited June 2018
    The dimlevel corresponds with the Brightness.

    I'm guessing you are using the Better Logic app? More information about the better logic app can be found here

    Small tip about the Countdown app, you need to define different timers via settings --> countdown app before you can use it
  • Bram said:
    The dimlevel corresponds with the Brightness.

    OK, so Dim lvl goes from 0-1 = brightness 0-100%, thats not a bug then? 
  • BramBram Member
    @Herman2604 Correct:)
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