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Fibaro Dimmer 2 scene (toggle) - Left (S1) on to off

Please confirm the purpose of having ""Dimmer 2 scene (toggle) - Left (S1) on to off".
Is it to ensure the consistency of the toggle switch position for on (position 1) and off (position 2)?

I tested but failed to achieve this with two Fibaro Dimmer 2's, as follows:

Flow #1 - dimmer #1:
when ""Dimmer 2 scene (toggle) - Left (S1) on to off" then Turn off dimmer #1 & Turn off dimmer #2

Flow #2 - dimmer #1:
when ""Dimmer 2 scene (toggle) - Left (S1) off to on" then Turn on dimmer #1 & Turn on dimmer #2

When lights are off (if they were on I switch them off manually through the app), I press the toggle switch once to position 2 and I would expect no change (Flow #1), but the lights do go on.

I have no other flows that could interfere, nor do I have associations enabled.

Did I misunderstand the purpose ? If not, what's wrong?
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