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Moon by 1-Ring combining with Homey

Hi there fellow Homey users,

As the title may not suggests, the Moon (not the orbital thingie, although he is levitating :| ) is a very cool looking camera. It also acts like a smart hub for Zigbee and Z-wave. It also includes an IR Blaster (which sounds like a Star Wars gun). It comes with an app as well.

For more info on the Moon

My question is will there be an app for Homey? I get that the product is not on the market yet and that the API is (not) yet to be released.But if one with very few experience with the Homey OS (based on Raspbian but tweaked), can he then make an app for on the Athom app website? If so where would he or she start learning how to make an app? Raspbian? 

I guess that there are a lot of help and FAQ on Github, but I like to start from scratch. Sort of like Homey coding for dummies sort of thing.

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