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Proudly to present : My Homey works far more better as the Philips Hue app and bridge the last weeks

A few weeks ago it happened, as lighting in a clear blue sky, the famous trainer Louis van Gaal would say.  i couldnt switch my lamps anymore with the Philips Hue app , i have 30 osram rgwb spots in my hue zigbee network, but the app cant find them any more, it worked good for half a year , the strange thing is 1 of 4 osram spots in the dining room works with changing the room on of dim coleur switching , but the if i want to change the spot setting  itself it doesnt react, only my 20 hue bulbs work good with the hue app osram bulbs are excluded, that is a disaster becuase al osram spots are in my living room . I dont know any solution but excluding and including again all osram bulbs again. i am glad i can switch the lamps with x10 also thanks to homey. 
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