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IFTTT multiple {{TextField}}

bebetazbebetaz Member
edited May 2018 in Questions & Help

I have 7 GH Minis setup throughout the house, that I use to control various devices. I have created IFTTT applets to redirect commands from the mini to my devices. ie, if I say Hey google turn the bedroom TV to {{TextField}}, IFTTT then sends a webhook to turn the bedroom TV to the requested channel.

However, I have had to create the same applet for each TV in the house, the lounge room TV, the Cinema room, the Playroom,...

Do any of you guys know if there is a way to set 2 {{TextField}} for the same applet for example set an applet with if I say "turn the {{TextField1}} TV to {{TextField2}}, where {{TextField1}} could be Lounge room, bedroom, playroom,... and {{TextField2}}  could be channel 7, channel 9, ABC Kids,...

This would make life a lot easier when it comes to creating and managing applets.

Thanks for your inputs.
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