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Flows HUE

Dim a hue light

I have been thinking that it would be very useful, at least for me, if it was possible to dim my hue light by turning the lamp off with the switch and then on again within a few seconds.
* The lamp is on - I press the wall switch - light turns off - then i press the wall switch again (directly after) - and the light is turned on again, but this time with, lets say, 50% brightness.
Is this something that can be done? I have been thinking and trying with no luck.


  • HansieNLHansieNL Member
    edited May 2018
    I read somewhere in the past that this is not possible for Hue lights. The reason for this was explained as: In an emergency the bulbs should go to 100% brightness if pressed the wall switch.
    Just did read this article:
  • Noll8anNoll8an Member
    Interesting reading and very nice looking switches, hope they won't be to hefty priced.
    Althoug I'm planing on putting up a few new switches, the main thing is that i want to keep my orginal ones.
    That reason seems legit, and I like that funktion aswell, to be able to also get full power from the lamps.

    But it shuld be possible via a flow, even if the lamp goes up to 100% for a brief moment and then dim down.
    perhaps with the help of better logic or countdown... or maybe its like you say, that its not possible, atleast not with Homeys current toolbox.

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