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Google Home other language

Hello, I am considering to buy homey.I'm trying to build smart home based on xiaomi sensors and fibaro inwall switches.I bought also Google home voice assistant. it was annaunced that this year they will introduce polish language in Google assistant. Is it possible to use my native language to steer homey through Google home with Polish?
My second question is about somfy rollershutter RTS pilot.
Do I need any additional device to use shutters in homey or just it will send signal like rts pilot?


  • JPeJPe Member
    Somfy App you can install from
    then you can pair the remote with Homey.
    About the language, I'm afraid that is not gonna work, Homey doesn't speak Polish, (yet)  :/
  • jordenjorden Member
    Regarding Somfy, I have Somfy screens with remote controls (RTS). I can have Homey copy the signal from the remote, so all screens can be added. With the button I can select screen 1, 2, 3 or 4 and copy that signal as well.

    Homey can then send out that signal to make the screens go up or down. Works very well and the remote can then stay in the closet.

    If you don't have a remote control, I wouldn't know how to do it.
  • Thanks for reply. According to Google assistant I thought that there is an option for IFTT or something to make commend like 'zgaś światło' in Polish that Google home will translate to homey '''turn off light', so I could make list of all commends that i will use in my home. but If I understand properly Google home only works with Homey just by sending an unchanged fraze?
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